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Big Decision
A fork in the Missouri River tests the leadership of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their epic expedition to the Pacific coast
by Anthony Brandt

JFK: Three Momentous Years
It wasn’t all Camelot: John F. Kennedy had an eventful presidency before his death 50 years ago. A photographic essay limns his triumphs, failures and outsize legacy
by Christine M. Kreiser

The Three-Fifths Solution
The word “slavery” is not in the Constitution, but the practice figured large in the regional haggling over representation and revenues that produced the founding document
by Ray Raphael

Staring Down the Mob
The violent railroad strike of 1877 was an early test for President Rutherford B. Hayes. When he ended it, he established an uneasy precedent—sending U.S. soldiers to put down a domestic insurrection
by Richard Ernsberger Jr.

Why the Tax Man Cometh
Senator Nelson Aldrich though it safe to support a constitutional amendment creating a federal income tax—there was no way it would be enacted. He was wrong
by David B. Sicilia

Pawpaw Revival
A forgotten heritage fruit is making a tasty comeback
by Sarah Richardson


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The First
Auto school

We’ve Been Here Before
As far back as the 1790s, immigration was a thorny political issue

Author Garry Wills explains the genius of the Gettysburg Address

Boxing champ Gene Tunney hits it off with writer George Bernard Shaw

Eastman Johnson’s acclaimed 1859 slave painting, Old Kentucky Home

Here is Where
Residents of a tiny Hawaiian island capture a marauding Japanese pilot

Letter From American History
In different ways, in different times, Lewis and Clark and John F. Kennedy expanded our frontiers

New books on Lincoln’s foreign policy acumen and American paranoia, plus a six-part TV series called The African Americans

From America’s Attic
A PT-109 tie clip