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Back to Ia Drang
By Lt. Gen. Harold Moore, USA (Ret.) and Joseph Galloway
Decades after desperately trying to kill each other in the 1965 fight, former foes go back to the battleground together to confront old ghosts

Setting a Trap for the VC at An Ba
By Lt. Col. Ben G. Crosby (Ret.)
When the troops of the Cacti Blue unleashed a lightning air assault, they had a Viet Cong local force battalion trapped right where they wanted it

Funny Money
By John B. Haseman
South Vietnamese SEAL Nguyen Van Kiet was critical to pulling off one of the most daring rescue operations of the war

World Airways’ Audacious Airlift
By Charles Patterson as told to Larry Engelmann
Just days before Saigon fell in April 1975, World Airways’ Ed Daly and Charles Patterson defied American officials to fly orphans out of Vietnam (click to see amazing CBS News footage of airlift)

Vietnam Hero, Iraq War Vet
An interview by Fred L. Borch
Colonel Gordon Roberts, the only Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient still on active duty, speaks out on soldiers and soldiering—then and now



Super Private

North Vietnam’s venerable MiG-19
By Carl O. Schuster

In war’s chaos, medics often don’t know if they’ve made the right call
By Bob Adams


Fighting Forces
The British ship Amastra’s perilous duty for the U.S. at Nha Trang
By Howard E. Bartholf

Letter From Vietnam Magazine


Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Many Cover photo by Art Zich. Colorized by Slingshot Studio, Atlanta, Georgia.