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Second Term’s the Charm
Few second-term presidents live up to expectations. TR and Ike were two who did
by Yanek Mieczkowski

Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey!
Violent protests against a federal liquor tax threaten the survival of the new nation and compel George Washington to send out an army
by Anthony Brandt

California Dreaming
Carleton Watkins’ photos capture Yosemite in its pristine glory and foreshadow dramatic change for the West Coast
by Christine M. Kreiser

Voyage of Freedom, Voyage of Doom
A ship of Jewish refugees denied entry to the United States in 1939 faces a return to Nazi Germany
by Barbara D. Krasner

In the Valley of Secrets
Virginia Mennonites got Unionists out of the Confederacy on an underground railroad recently unearthed by their descendants
by Peter Carlson



American Mosaic
Hemp revival; Freedom Summer and A Love Supreme at 50; sleepover at the National Archives—and more

The First
Minimum wage

Frederick Douglass gets to know John Brown

Here Is Where
Penicillin helped win World War II. Peoria made it possible

Surviving the bomb in a Kidde Kokoon

Ernest Freeberg shines light on America’s electrification

We’ve Been Here Before
Vladimir Putin channels his inner Napoléon

Letter From American History
Courage and conviction

Dangerous Douglas MacArthur; beyond the Mississippi in 1776; Great War stories for young readers—and more

Last Call
Abbot Handerson Thayer’s winged artistry