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Operation Dewey Canyon
By Marc Bernstein
One of the most successful Marine offensives of the Vietnam War was also one of the war’s most controversial

With Her Eyes Wide Open
By Don C. Haines
War correspondent Dickey Chapelle once prophetically said, “When I die, I want it to be on patrol with the United States Marines”

No Tea Party
By Jonathan Colman
The British-American strain over Vietnam

A Hawk Among Hawks
By David Milne
One of JFK’s “Best and Brightest” advised him to consider waging nuclear war in Southeast Asia


News and Events
By Claudia Gary-Annis
Recent developments related to the Vietnam War

By John F. McBride
A Vietnam combat infantry veteran reflects on the brotherly love that emerges in the face of war

Fighting Forces
By Jim Eskildsen
On a nighttime Huey rescue mission, the crew gets a miraculous second chance to defy death

By Christopher Miskimon
The M-551 Sheridan light tank was ill-suited to Vietnam’s climate and environment, but with 152 mm guns and modifications it still served wellPersonality
By Teresa Hill
Marine Pfc Dwight Carroll traveled the long road from class clown to American hero

Letter From Vietnam Magazine


Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Don North: An American Reporter Witnessed the VC Assault on the U.S. Embassy During the Vietnam War

Sapper Attack in the A Shau During the Vietnam War

Interview with Richard Jellerson: A Huey Pilot’s Insights on the Helicopter War in Vietnam