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Cover Story
Farmers at Arms
By Martin Dugard
During the Second Boer War (1899–1902), the British answered Boer guerrilla tactics with a brutally efficient but costly containment policy

What Made Redcoats So Tough?
By Richard Holmes
And how did they win most battles yet still lose the colonies?

Man of Destiny
By Ron Soodalter
Filibuster William Walker aimed for the stars but got a firing squad

Portfolio: Gas Attack!
Gas masks became a fixture on 20th century battlefields—and on the home front

1215 and All That
By James Lacey
Bad King John cornered his rebellious barons at Rochester Castle

A Tale of Two Chariots
By Steven Weingartner
Hittite and Egyptian forces vied for mastery of wheeled warfare




Sir Max Hastings: War as Journalism and History

What We Learned
By Major T.E. Lawrence
from the Arab Revolt

By David T. Zabecki
Edouard Izac: The U.S. Navy’s First POW Hero

Hand Tool
By Jon Guttman
Aztec Macuahuitl


Power Tool
By Jon Guttman
Thompson Submachine Gun

Letter from Military History


Hallowed Ground
By Andrew A. Zellers-Frederick
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
By Rick Meyerowitz
Hannibal’s Animals


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Would the Boer War British strategy of containment, using strongpoints and concentration camps, work in 21st century trouble spots?


Second Boer War: The Aussies & Harry “The Breaker” Morant

Siege of Savannah: Redcoats deal Patriots a setback

Medieval Warfare: How to capture a castle

Weaponry: Chlorine gas use in World War I

On the cover: Boer guerrillas pose with their bolt-action rifles in 1900. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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