World War II September/October 2012 Table of Contents

8/10/2012 • WW2 Issues


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cover story
Hand-to-Hand on Saipan
In the fight to take the high ground,
willpower mattered as much as firepower
By James Campbell

Death of an Army
Russia’s 2nd Shock Army suffered two
fatal blows—one dealt by the Germans
and one by a traitorous commander
By Anna Reid

Nazis Next Door

The army housed 378,898 German POWs
on American soil during the war
By Ronald H. Bailey

The Bear Who Went to War
A cub adopted in the Middle East
became a Polish transport company’s
ever-present sidekick and comrade

Pirates of the Aegean
A tiny special-force unit waged an obscure but
merciless campaign in the Mediterranean
By Gavin Mortimer

weapons manual
Independence-class Light Carrier
Hard-charging hybrids
By Jim Laurier



World War II Today
Madeleine Albright’s Reading List

How a bicyclist brought Italy together
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

A USO sketch artist offers insight
into wounded soldiers’ psyches
By Andrew Carroll

Their Darkest Hour
Confessions of a Lithuanian
who shot Jews for the Nazis
By Laurence Rees

Time Travel
Khalkhin Gol
By Stuart D. Goldman

Double Cross
Rape of Nanking, second edition
Play Sniper Elite

What If…
…Hitler had not come to power?
By Mark Grimsley

Aspirin on parade


2 Responses to World War II September/October 2012 Table of Contents

  1. Jeane McGown says:

    My husband receives World War II magazine and enjoys reading the many articles. He was in the Army and participated in two major battles in Europe. My brother was in the marines and the picture on the cover of the last edition of World War II pictured him and his lieutenant (Leary from North Carolina who was killed toward the end of the invasion). My brother Carl Matthews is the one kneeling in front of Leary who is standing. I want to purchase at least 10 copies of the magazine to give to my brother so that he can share with other family members. Can you just send me the copies or could you tell me where to purchase them in my area ….. Bryan/College Station, Texas area. By-the-way, my brother Carl was a speaker at the dedication of the American Museum in Saipan at its 60th anniversary (he plans to attend the 70th anniversary in 2014) and spoke last November at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Quantico, Virginia. He is currently a patient at the VA Hospital in Dallas with heart problem and two broken ankles.

    I hope you can assist me in getting copies.

    Jeane McGown

  2. avgustinovich valery says:

    Why the article “Death of Army” isn’t available online?

    Valery Avgustinovich

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