Click on the links below to see videos, historic documents and other materials related to V-J Day, 1945.

Full text of Emperor Hirohito’s announcement that Japan would surrender, plus a German newsreel of reactions in America (narrated in German)

The official documents of surrender, signed Sept. 2, 1945


Movietone newsreel of V-P (V-J) Day celebrations in Australia

Britons’ memories of V-J Day

Canadians on V-J Day

New Zealand on V-J Day

United States V-J Day celebrations:

Newsreel of President Harry S Truman announcing Japanese surrender and of celebrations that followed

Home movie shot in Honolulu after the surrender was announced

United Press premature radio announcement of the surrender

Color video of celebrations

Celebrations turn into worst riot in San Francisco’s history

New York Times front page, Sept. 3, 1945, the day after the official Japanese surrender