An Avid reader and militaria collector, Ian Frazier “Lemmy” Kilmister, best known to fans by his nickname alone, was Lead singer, bassist, and founder of the British rock band Motorhead. Earlier, Lemmy played with Hawkwind and others. His resume includes a stint as a member of Jimi Hendrix’s road crew.

Winter: A Berlin Family 1899-1945

Goodbye Mickey Mouse

Len Deighton (1970, 1988, 1982)
“Deighton has a gift for building believable people—not many heroes!—and does incredible research. Bomber intercuts the British and German points of view, letting you empathize with both. Winter shows Nazism’s impact through the eyes of brothers serving on opposite sides of the war; Goodbye, Mickey Mouse is about P-51 pilots living and fighting in England. Reading any of these, even veterans might find themselves transported back to wartime days, and younger readers certainly will feel as if they are.”

Hitler A Study in Tyranny
Alan Bullock (1952)
“Among several Hitler biographies I’ve read, this one has the advantage of Bullock’s signature no-nonsense approach.”

The Last Battle
Cornelius Ryan (1966)
“Each time I reas The last Battle its style and substance amaze me. One has to remind oneself this isn’t fiction, but fact based on painstaking research. Ryan’s profile of Generaloberst Gotthard Heinrici—a hero ignored in almost all other accounts—is superb. Read it!”

The Fall of Berlin
Antony Beevor (2002)
“Beevor’s earlier study of Stalingrad and his knowledge of the German capital seem to have driven him to ratchet up a gear for Berlin, informing his treatment of Soviet Marshal Georgi Zhukov’s tactics and the great Russian offensive. I also recommend Berlin: Then and Now (2002) by Tony Le Tissier, who casts a unique light on one of history’s most destroyed and rebuilt cities. Le Tisseir’s The Third Reich: Then and Now (2005) is another favorite of mine.”

Illustration by Mike Caplanis.