Pearl Harbor Mystery

12/16/2016 • HistoryNet, HistoryNet Video, MH Video, Military History, Videos, World War II Magazine

Military History Editor Stephen Harding, author of “Dawn of Infamy: A Sunken Ship, a Vanished Crew, and the Final Mystery of Pearl Harbor,” discusses his new book with Military Times Executive Editor Tony Lombardo.


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  1. George Myers says:

    A researcher’s, non-Japanese, story appeared a few years ago in the “Mainichi Shimbum” daily newspaper about the Imperial “undelivered” “Declaration of War”. There was a communication to translate, however, a funeral was being conducted outside what became the “beltway” on a particularly warm December day. The cleric took advantage of the warm day to preach for two hours. By the time the translator(s) returned to Washington, D.C, it was too late for work, the researcher found. In conclusion the researcher stated that the events surrounding the beginning the war, should have additional research. I was prior wondering why oil storage was not destroyed in the subsequent attack. Most of it was in underground storage, I’ve read since. My grand-uncle was captain of the “SS City of Atlanta” sunk by U-123 off North Carolina in the early days of “Operation Drumbeat” (January after the December “Day of Infamy” well researched by Michael Gannon, but Leman Chapman Urquhart his name) conducted by the Nazis off the US coast.

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