Dan Bullock: The youngest American killed in the Vietnam War

3/23/2017 • Vietnam Magazine

Pfc. Dan Bullock died at age 15 in 1969 and efforts to recognize the young African-American Marine continue and are highlighted in this Military Times documentary. (Rodney Bryant and Daniel Woolfolk/Military Times)

36 Responses to Dan Bullock: The youngest American killed in the Vietnam War

  1. Jacob Carlson says:

    We are doing a project ☺☺→uêΦ┬♣ ╚:58U:4°╬:58±

  2. Maleighya Sellers says:

    great video

  3. Richard Vaux says:

    no kid 15 years old should die fighting in war……vets in that war never did get the respect they deserved….so many kids i served with were from small towns…..couldnt afford college so they were drafted or joined

    • libertyanyday says:

      and women want ‘ equal rights’………….i dont think so.

      • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson says:

        Women want rights, not equal wrongs…think more!

      • Warren Pugh says:

        Elucidate please.

      • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson says:

        I was responding to ‘Libertyanyday’s comment:
        and women want ‘ equal rights’………….i dont think so.

        My comment:
        Women want equal rights, not necessarily the right to do wrongs.

        And where someone may be quick to say what does women’s rights have to do with this subject…

        …my setiments exactly!!!

      • RandyLeanear says:

        Well, shouldn’t we ALL have BOTH to be EQUAL?

      • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson says:

        At the risk of repeating myself, I will point to my response to ‘Warren Pugh’.
        Please read that.

  4. Glenna Calvin says:

    How was this “child’s” entry allowed into the military? I am a female aviation division Marine veteran and I am appalled at the loss of this young man’s life at such an early age. Death is hurtful enough! But, a child?

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      he must have wanted to join. maybe he was very patriotic No child should die at that age

    • wilsonhines says:

      I live in his hometown. You should do some diligent research and see how things happened. We just named a street for him and put a plaque up in town. He’s one of our many hometown heroes in Goldsboro, NC.

      • Diane says:

        Wilson, I hope you see this. I am so glad to hear that Pfc Bullock is being honored in his hometown. He was a brave person and a true patriot.

    • libertyanyday says:

      how many innocent civilian vietnamese children died………may LBJ rot in hell.

    • Carla James says:

      My guess, he died by “friendly” fire.

  5. daro l says:

    he lied and supplied a fake id no doubt. his pic shows he can pass for 18.

    • Carla James says:

      Please show the source of your BS….otherwise.. STHU

      • carang_da_buggahz says:

        Nothing he said is outside the bounds of probability. And no, I don’t think anything he said is BS. Why are you so confrontational?

  6. libertyanyday says:

    the military doesnt screen for color when enlisting…………..the msm needs to stop it also. 15 ? he must have used fake id………..16 w parental permission i thought. How old was the youngest vietnamese to be killed?
    Where is vietnam?

    • Carla James says:

      Please show the source of your BS….other STHU

      • libertyanyday says:

        i just posted my resume, to speak. You dont like my opinion, you post your resume. loser. i paid my admission , did you??

    • William Lewis says:

      Grow up racist.

      • libertyanyday says:

        ex navy nuclear power engineering watch superivsor , 2 wars. 83-92. What have you done for the USA , loser. At least i earned the right to speak you on the other hand have not.

      • Michelle Kirkwood says:

        What is that supposed to mean? We all have the right to speak.

      • Warren Pugh says:

        Name calling makes us ignorant. Often folks have not seen the object of their disaffection.
        Being called xenophobic is used to silence folks. The accuser most often is the ignorant person.
        And so I am xenophobic. Muslims cannot deny the reason why they are disliked. Their whining
        is a ploy to obtain sympathy after someone has run a truck over innocents. They cry people
        dislike them because of the incident. Why the hell not?

      • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson says:

        When someone can show me that every muslim took/takes a truck and runs over innocents and I mean every single one, then I will lead the blanket party!

        Just as when I as a “so called black American” were to come across every single white American and accuse each and every one of slave ownership.

        Just as that is illogical.

        So to is the American blanket party thrown for Muslim Americans in particular, and Muslims in general!

        For all you war/whore mongers, if you are so eager for war I got one for you.

        The war on sensibilities, and sensitivities. It needs both volunteers and draftees.

        LONG REIGN YHWH!!!

    • Warren Pugh says:

      Kids not in their teens fought in the Civil War, and many others fought in this century’s wars who were underage.
      With the surge of Islam we need more . . .right in our back yard. polygamy, slavery, pedophilia, incest, death penalty and torture
      are common among Muslims. Send the bad ones back to the Middle East of North Africa. There are thousands like him.
      Another Uzbek was arrested in Boise, Idaho.

    • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson says:

      But yet you want to post:

      …and women want ‘ equal rights’………….i dont think so.

      Make up your damn mind

    • Sandra says:

      You are kidding me right? There was a time when Blacks weren’t allowed in the military. Then, when they were, they weren’t allowed to be with non-blacks. The Tuskegee Air men changed the perceptions of the commitment and strength of blacks in the military.

  7. Glock27a says:

    Richard I salute you. Thank you for your service. I was VietNam era, 18 when I went in in 64, and out before the draft. I too agree that there is a ranking to authority to speak, others may not like it, fear it, or even ignorant to that right, yet I would never presume my service to be held above others. I went because I was young, ignorant and believed in my Nation.
    I double salute the young man, what ever his reasons we may not be privilaged to yet I concur that someone should have caught it and I well note there are, by accounts of this site, many who still hold illness towards those of us who served during that bad conflict.

  8. Lorenzo Morones says:

    The subject of this is age. Plain and simple. When you try and toss out a different point, stop yourself. Focus on the topic at hand. If you can’t, then find a discussion that relates to your point. Also anyone with common sense knows when you begin name calling and such you just lost your composure and the argument. My Staff Sergeant had this advice “Just let common sense dictate.”

  9. cyber poacher says:

    I Read a letter of my kinfolk who died in the civil war at the age of 14 fighting those who made this young man go to war . Things like this happen when you submit to pay Federal income tax. This atrocity ranks right up there with abandoning the three 18 year old marines on the island of koh tang

    • Elaine Prado Levine says:

      …and my gr-gr-gr-grandfather was killed the first day at Shiloh, age 44, with nine children, my gr-gr-grandfather being the youngest. Thankfully, it appears to have made him stronger, resilient, and in possession of the internal fortitude necessary to make it to 19th c. Bishop, CA. Otherwise, after losing my own father at a young age, I might’ve not made it to today,

      and today, as a grannie, life IS wonderful.

  10. Thomas Lyons says:

    Arrived in South Vietnam 5/18/69. Killed in action 6/7/69.
    21 days.

  11. jerseyboy62 says:

    Richard, you state this as if he was drafted and had no choice. The minimum age to enlist voluntarily with parental permission set by Congress is 17, and no one under the age of 18 is allowed to be drafted. This teenager would have had to have lied about his age for a recruiter to enlist him. This is not a condemnation of Dan Bullock or his character. In fact, his willingness to lay his life down at this young age is to be commended, but, yes, your basic point is spot on, no one so young should even be in a war to begin with. Just realize 1. he volunteered and so had a choice, and 2. no recruiter by law would have been allowed to enlist him at age 15. This happened regularly in most of America’s wars prior to the Vietnam War. This kid was an exception during this period.

  12. tryityoulllike it says:

    What is the issue? What does “to recognize” mean in this case? .What is at stake?

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